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Deryne Photography

As written by Resource photography magazine:

Deryne Keretic: an artist, photographer, and musician, has a conceptual interest in capturing the moment and further understanding these moments as an episodic yet connected series of experiences. Her body of work has been featured in multiple countries as well as in several magazines that she has received international awards for. Born in New York City, Deryne lived and studied in Germany where she slowly grew to merge her passion for music and photography into her art. Trained initially as a musician, her love for photography began in the dark room, when she became interested in understanding how we perceive objects in multiple scales. Currently living in New York, Deryne’s passion has evolved into exploring the human body in black and white portraits. “My interest is in capturing the essence of real moments and the photography that I explore is not staged. I love working with people who are not used to being photographed – the experience is so much more exciting and rewarding.” Her background as a musician has helped further her lyrical ideas within photo shoots, as well as allow her to truly understand and collaborate on multiple projects with other artists.
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Deryne holds a BA from Eugene Lang College at The New School in Liberal Arts: Music, Photography, Gender Studies and Poetry.


ISSOS: Art Achievement Award for Photography, 2011 (St. Andrews, Scotland)

Resource Magazine: Photographer of The Day (#POTD), 2014 (Brooklyn, NY)

Morpholio's Eyetime Competition: Future Voices Special Recognition & Honor Awards in 2014 and 2015 (NYC)